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Hello, world! Imagine saying that every morning as you stylishly step out of your front door each and every morning, your confidence growing with every step, a genuine smile on your face, and a happy tune in your head keeping pace with your steps.

This isn’t the open scene from a new TV series debuting next season about single, sassy, and stylish women. This could actually be your life. You can have that confidence! You can have that happiness! You can be that stylish!

If you can pick up a piece per week for 52 weeks, then in one year, you can completely transform your closet, your style, and your confidence.

I know you can do it because I did it. Hopefully, your life will not have to hit a crisis point to make the decision, like it did for me…

Have you ever stepped on a scale and just kept staring at the number because your brain can’t even compute the number glaring back at you? This happens right before your “fast food life” flashes before you and meals, desserts, drive-thrus, and sugary alcoholic drinks flood your memory like ghosts from Christmas past in a horrible Biggest Loser edition of A Christmas Carol.

This moment happened to me at a doctor’s office, so the “this scale is calibrated incorrectly” argument was out the window. I realized that this recent weight gain was caused by a lot of stress. I was moving, had broken up with a boyfriend (this is where you should sing Destiny’s Child lyrics, “To the left…”), launching a book, growing my business, and spending a lot of time shopping for clients. Essentially, I had put myself as #9,988,383,750,000 on the list!

As I was sitting in the doctor’s office contemplating the evils of stress and imagining how good it would feel to sneak in under a cloak of darkness and beat the scale with a baseball bat, I looked down at my feet and noticed that I was wearing two different black sandals.

Oprah calls this an aha moment. The show Intervention might call it rock bottom. I call it being hit in the head with a metaphysical 2 x4… hard!

I needed to make some lifestyle changes fast.

I could have headed to a spa for a weekend of pampering, salads, and fruit beautifully sliced into my iced water. While that would have felt awesome, it would have only treated the symptoms of the problem and not have dealt with the root cause. I would have found myself in the exact same position, standing on scale in shock and wearing two different shoes again just several months down the road.

These changes needed to be more methodical and implemented slowly over time so that I would actually do them and they would stick so that I would never find myself in this situation again.

The cure was going to be some serious me time and spending more time, energy, and money on myself. I deserved to be on my to-do list.

I needed something small I could do one week at a time.

You see, the reason that you don’t perform the major makeovers in your life, like losing weight, getting out of debt, finally finding your life partner, switching careers, or getting your style together, is because even thinking about scaling that gigantic problem creates an incredible amount anxiety. Then, you get overwhelmed, shut down, and just keep putting everything off for another day, week, month, year, and decade.

The cycle is decision → anxiety → overwhelm → shut down… → Decision (no – for real this time)… The cycle keeps repeating, and you end up stuck in a human hamster wheel.

Stop the cycle at anxiety.

There is a way to stop the anxiety.

I know because I did it.

Banish Your Style Anxiety

If you have style anxiety, it means you have a general worry or unease about your sense of style. This causes you to either be in one of three modes:

  1. 1 complete overwhelm,
  2. 2 completely defeated in regards to your fashion choices, or
  3. 3 a constant nagging feeling that you should get your sense or style in order.

In actuality, you probably fluctuate between these three modes. Then, another year goes by and another year and another year. Make this the year you finally do it, the year that you make a LifeSTYLE change and keep that positive change forever.

And you can do it without feeling overwhelmed, defeated, or nagged.

Just follow along week by week.

That is what I did. Every week, I put myself on my to-do list. I committed to purchasing one thing a week for my wardrobe. I made a list and followed the list week by week. It wasn’t an expensive or large item every week. After all, we still have to pay for things like rent, heat, and food unless we want to be the most stylish person on Skid Row – or at least until you trade your pink cardigan for a PB&J sandwich!

If you can pick up a piece a week, you can do this program.

This is a comprehensive program broken down into bite sizes with one thing to do every week. It is easy to follow, so there is little risk of falling off the wagon. Imagine if you could do just one crunch a week to get six-pack abs. This allows you to do one small thing a week to deliver amazing results that will be noticed by you, your friends, and your family.

This program helps you to afford clothes for shopping. It comes with a savings plan to help you to not have to go on expensive shopping excursions. You can easily start to save and acquire items so that you don’t bust your budget. You may not even need to pick up the full 52 pieces; you may already have some items in your closet. You’ll just need to dust them off and start incorporating them into your wardrobe in new and different ways.

In this program, you are given an item to purchase every week to start injecting style, balance, and harmony into your wardrobe, which will not only make you more fashionable but also make it easier for you to start putting together outfits.

Every item builds on itself. You will see how the item in week 11 goes with the item in week 4, so you can start putting together more and better outfits.

It creates a more balanced wardrobe because these 52 items include basics, menswear-inspired items, stand-out pieces, and even a little bling. The wardrobe items in this program encompass a 360-degree view of your life to include what you wear to work, what you wear on the weekends, for a night out, and even what you wear to the gym.

It includes more than 90 outfit options.

It’s a Life-STYLE change

How many times have you heard it said that changing your eating habits is not a diet – it is a lifestyle change – and that is the only way to have sustained weight loss. Well, I have applied that concept to your wardrobe. The way to achieve sustained change is to make small, incremental changes over time. That is why this program is spread over an entire year, or 52 weeks. Success with the 52 Pickup challenge does not require you to turn your life upside down. Through simple changes, you can experience amazing transformation.

You will find that this transformation not only transforms you at the surface level with your friends and family now referring to you as the stylish one. You will find that this process offers you the opportunity to engage in some self-love. Think about it; if you started dating a guy who bought you a gift every week, how fast would you fall in love? Well, you are now getting to buy gifts for yourself every week. How fast will you fall in love with yourself?

I found that no matter how bad my week was, I always had something to look forward to. What is the item I’m going to acquire this week? A co-worker talking behind my back – no problem. I’m getting a new pair jeans this weekend. Business is a little slow – can’t wait to get my new purse on Saturday. Why isn’t he returning my text? Dust it off because I get to go shoe shopping later in the week. No matter how crazy, hectic, or disappointing my week was, I had something good coming soon.

Additionally, acquiring these items made me more outgoing and make more time for fun because I would find places to go so that I could show off my latest purchase. With this program, you will be excited to transform your style, but you will be surprised by changes that happen with you and externally in your life.

Well of course, my wardrobe will be amazing if
I buy 52 pieces

How many pieces do you currently have in your wardrobe if you count shoes and accessories? 50? 100? 175? Is your wardrobe amazing? Is your style spectacular? Let me help you get to spectacular. Stop trying to do this on your own and invest in yourself. Nothing makes you feel as self-confident as knowing you look great.

If you decided to do this on your own, would you know which pieces to purchase and what order to purchase them in? Or would you end up with a closet full of the coulda, woulda, and shouldas? I could wear that if… I would this of only… or I should wear this, but…

Avoid having a closet full of items that don’t go with each other and don’t fit your lifestyle or worse, at closet full of basics that produces lackluster outfits where you end up being the wallflower in the dance of life.

It’s time to say “Hello, world!” and step out on the dance floor. And here is the best part: no one is asking you to tango your way onto the dance floor like a Dancing with the Stars champion. All you have to do is take it one step at a time, one week at a time.

Here’s just a sample of what is included in the 100-page digital guide:

  • Week 1: The boyfriend _________ that will rebound your work wardrobe
  • Week 9: These black _____ pants could double your work looks
  • Week 13: This simple touch could dramatically improve your diva-score
  • Week 14: This _____ skirt could have unbelievable compliment opportunities
  • Week 18: Don’t let dresses bind you – escape mundane with this piece
  • Week 35: This accessory will blow your mind
  • Week 40: Not having this ____ shirt as a wardrobe staple is riskier than you think

Say “Hello, world!” as you stylishly step into work looking like you run the place.

Practice saying “Hello, world!” as you walk next to your partner when entering a restaurant for a date night.

Shout “Hello, world!” as you strut into happy hour confident and put together.

Whisper “Hello, world!” as heads turn to watch you stylishly and gracefully push your cart down the grocery store aisles.

As you continue through your 52-week style transformation, you will continually have to say “Hello, world!” to introduce an ever-improving version of yourself to everyone. I’m excited to hear your stories about how the world rose up to offer you a very ecstatic hello in return.

The program is chock full of tools, tips, and insights to help make these scenarios a reality. This voluminous 100-page digital guide includes:

Links to
2 videos – Discover secrets to shopping online and pretty prints to propel your style.
Links to
2 wardrobe slideshows of accessory options – See what pieces I would choose and where I would shop for the pieces.
Links to
Downloads to 52 additional wardrobe surprises –
Just click on the links and see what you get!
A savings plan
to save up for some of the more expensive wardrobe pieces – Just follow along week by week.
Motivational audios
for you to keep up the good work -
create quick style fixes for when you get up on the wrong side of the bed


I can only offer a $1 preview if I’m are 100% confident that this program will deliver results. What have you got to lose by trying out the program? Get the digital preview edition and the its hidden goodies sprinkled throughout.

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Aisha Jones

P.S. It will only cost you $1 to preview this program so why not give it a try!

P.P.S. The program is self-paced, so if you miss a week – ssshhhh, I won’t tell anyone!

P.P.S. It also includes a membership to Style Sorority

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